Four Lift Surface Aircraft

Conventional aircraft designs have settled on two lift surfaces for reasons of efficiency. The monoplane wing with either a canard or a tail plane provide the highest cruising efficiency for high speed flight with a very limited number of exceptions. This is the reason monoplanes began to replace biplanes in the 1930’s, and continues to […]

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

This newsletter covers the work on the Jefferson Jyrodyne prototype and 1/10th scale drones from July 2017 until the end of April, 2018. The next issue will be the last of the series. Further references may be found on website,

I do some blogging now on an irregular basis on the website about […]

Ruminations of the Inventor

The Need for Steerable Ballistic Parachutes

All this quad/sex/octa copter crap is catching on. In countries with so few pilots you would expect a few colossal mistakes along the way, and we are sure seeing it with the new Chinese products being touted.

The mistakes are classified, but available to those that think it’s looking […]