1970: The original conceptual designs for a VTOL ducted fan aircraft dates back to 1970 when Charles first joined the EAA [Experimental Aircraft Association]

1974: Pilot’s license obtained

1977: Bought a Piper Cherokee 140 and accumulated approx 1000 hours

1980s: Serious work begins in 1987, when a 13 year R/C modeling effort began; 26 models are built during this period to obtain a successful flying version, ranging in size from 24” wingspans with one engine to 13′ wingspans with three engines; after 13 years, a workable prototype design emerges

2000: R/C modeling effort was completed, a patent was filed, and work begins on a full scale prototype; a purchase order was cut for the 10′ diameter mail VTOL rotor

2001: drivetrain completed, along with the motor mounts, landing gear and the bellmouth shroud molds; Tractor propeller purchased

2002: the main effort was contruction of the 8 VTOL bellmouth and inlet shroud sections and the fuselage aluminum structure, nose cone and associated graphite and Kevlar parts for the front of the aircraft

2003: construction of the leading edge of the shroud and all ribs for the wind, which are a combo of carbon fiber and aluminum

2004: preliminary construction continued on molds and initial parts for the ring spars, flaps, main spar carrythrough and wings

2005: two patents issued on the fundamental design concepts; work starts on the “T” tail and two of the four wings have all parts made with two wings partially assembled; worrk on elevators began; and two ailerons and one flap completed

2006: hangar for the Jyrodyne completed and preliminary assembly started

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