Ruminations of the Inventor

The Need for Steerable Ballistic Parachutes

All this quad/sex/octa copter crap is catching on. In countries with so few pilots you would expect a few colossal mistakes along the way, and we are sure seeing it with the new Chinese products being touted.

The mistakes are classified, but available to those that think it’s looking like there are a lot of people who don’t really believe in a central government except for defense, and other issues addressed by the Constitution all veterans have sworn an oath for. I’m not going to call them Confederate, because David Allen Cole was from Ohio, and he’s one hellava example of guts for old-time Confederates. I am the great-great-grandson of a Confederate surgeon, and a 12A10 combat engineer in the Corps of Engineers. A pilot with a pretty good stick, according to an old fighter pilot flight instructor. I did some things in my younger years that now I think were a tad weird, and certainly strange. Strange but true.

I think we need a joint Chinese/American mission to the asteroids to mine the metallic ones. They can stand on their hands all the way there and see where it gets them, otherwise.

Back to the title.

None of these flying pieces of shit can glide. But the ballistic parachute addition is a genius level decision, but doesn’t achieve its purpose, because the authors don’t comprehend atmospheric conditioning. You need to be a pilot with your ass on the line at least once, to understand what I’m saying. If you are above 30-50 feet( where you always die falling), and the electronic system fails for whatever reason, you have to pop your chute. Unless you are a US Ranger with an explosive chute, you don’t want this to happen if you are less than 100 feet up. At altitude you have plenty of time to do something before sheer terror sets in. If you are higher than this, once the chute deploys it is possible to control the chute’s glide path. So with the current designs, you float down hither and yon. Just like a hot air balloon, but coming down around 3-4 times faster in a bad downdraft. (It would be nice to not whack into the side of a building in a significant wind condition.)

Repeat: (It would be nice to not whack into the side of a building in a significant wind condition.)

If you can steer your parachute, survivability is seriously enhanced. You can miss that tree you were going straight into at 35 mph.