Jefferson Jyrodynes

The Jefferson Jyrodyne™ is a 210 hp, two passenger aircraft trainer when in VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) mode. In STOL or what is considered conventional flight, it is a four passenger aircraft with a 600-1000 lbs. payload.

Jefferson Jyrodynes, Inc. is a Chapter S corporation whose ultimate objective is to build VTOL fire trucks and ambulances. We plan to offer homebuilders kits for a personal aircraft version, along with a hopping airboat version.

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Four Lift Surface Aircraft

Conventional aircraft designs have settled on two lift surfaces for reasons of efficiency. The monoplane wing with either a canard or a tail plane provide the highest cruising efficiency for high speed flight with a very limited number of exceptions. This is the reason monoplanes began to replace biplanes in the 1930’s, and continues to […]

The Controls Impact on excessive aeroelasticity in the design of passenger drones

When one reviews the design of larger drones, one is tantalized by the heavy structural design of the propeller support struts. It is partially due to the very large power outputs – i.e, thrust, on an extended cantilever arm. This can also provide an excessive twisting stress on the fuselage, particularly in yawing flight. […]